‘Nice relaxing environment….. I felt comfortable, Jo has a brilliant
client manner and I felt she understood my requirements’

what to expect

You will be warmly welcomed into the calm, peaceful treatment room. This is your time and your space. We’ll start with a confidential consultation, which will help me to get a better understanding of you and help us to make sure you get the best massage possible. If it’s your first appointment then we allow an extra 15 minutes for this so that the process isn’t rushed.

We’ll plan the massage together, deciding which areas of the body to focus on and whether to work through clothes, with oil on skin, on the massage table or seated. We will work in whichever way you feel most comfortable. If we are working with oil on skin, then I will give you some privacy to prepare. You can keep your underwear on and you are always covered with warm towels. Only the part of your body being worked on is uncovered.

You choose whether you would like music on or would prefer to relax in the quiet.

As the massage progresses I will check in with you regarding pressure and I really encourage you to communicate with me as to how it feels. I want you to have the best massage possible and the only person who knows what it feels like is you so please let me know if you would like deeper pressure or a lighter touch, or if something feels particularly useful or not very helpful. Some techniques require more feedback and collaboration than others (trigger point release work for example) but you are always encouraged to ask for what you need.

At the end of the massage you will have time to come back to yourself slowly and there will be a chance for us to explore some post-massage self-care options to help you get the maximum benefit from your treatment.

If you have any other questions about what to expect or about how massage could be of benefit to you, then please do get in touch.

‘I felt in entirely capable hands, so I could relax and enjoy the massage’


getting the most from your massage

before your session

Try to arrive a few minutes before your treatment time. This will help you to
be relaxed and get the most out of your treatment.
Avoid coming to your appointment with an empty stomach or after a large meal.
Ideally eat something light a couple of hours beforehand.
I would recommend wearing little or no make-up. You don’t want to be worried about it rubbing off.

after your session

Listen to your body…..Your body has intelligence and will tell you what it needs.
If you feel tired, rest. If you feel full of energy, rest. Let your body use the energy to heal.

Drink plenty of water. Massage stimulates your circulation and
metabolism and extra water supports your organs in dealing with this.

Focus on any altered sensations; this might be warmth or soreness in tight areas or a
feeling of ease where you felt pain before. If pain and symptoms have disappeared, observe
whether they stay that way or if a particular activity, movement or habit sets them off again.

If you feel emotionally stirred up, a little vulnerable, euphoric or down, this is normal.
Try to let the emotions flow through you, let them come and go. You will return
to a more balanced state as you get on with your life.

Have reasonable expectations – one massage will not resolve all your issues.
Symptoms may have taken years to develop and improvement won’t come overnight.
Regular massage can be great as part of an integrated program that includes exercise,
work on your posture and ways of moving and relaxation techniques.