Choosing Massage

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I recently wrote an article for Community Index magazine to look at some questions around choosing massage:

Why choose to have a massage? What can it help with? How might it benefit you? Lots of my lovely friends and family, who very helpfully agreed to let me practice on them when I was training, had never tried massage before and were often surprised and pleased by how beneficial they found it (I’m sure there were also some from the early days who will never go near a massage table again as a result of being one of my guinea-pigs, but they were kind enough not to tell me so!)

Having decided you might like to give massage a go, how would you pick the type of massage you want? There are over 100 modalities of massage and bodywork to choose from!

People often ask me what type of massage I do and so I’ve really thought about the words I use, like holistic or therapeutic, and the words and terminology that other people in the bodywork profession use and how these may be useful as a guide to what you may expect from the treatment.

In talking to people about massage, I also often come up against common misconceptions – for instance that sports massage is brutal and belongs in the ‘no pain, no gain’ school of therapy (not true – it can still be effective without making you cry!).

Then, once you’ve decided to try massage and thought about which type of massage you’re interested in – how do you go about choosing a practitioner?

Here’s the link to the article where hopefully you’ll find a few useful tips: